​​​​​​​Website design and build for a new glow in the dark crazy golf course
​​​​​​​Planet Golf are a new business based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK. Planning to do most of their business online; it was essential to have a website that allowed online ticket booking, as well as creating an excitement prior to visiting. 
We decided upon Wordpress for the platform, to ensure the copy and photos could be easily updated by the business. After a discussion about the requirements, I recommended Roller to handle the ticket booking system. I started with creating a fresh, neon colour palette to match the glow in the dark experience. I initially designed the website in Adobe Xd, providing a prototype view for review and feedback. The site images were edited in Photoshop before being uploaded to Wordpress. Astra theme was customised with the new colour palette and custom css. 
A full preview of each course hole is included, complete with tips on how to get your best score.  
A Roller booking checkout is integrated to handle the ticket sales, sold in slots each hour.
Roller checkout integration into Wordpress website
The site is fully responsive for devices of all sizes, an essential feature as around 90% of their traffic is viewing the site and booking tickets on mobile. The homepage features an auto-scrolling carousel of customer reviews and an email sign up form for their Mailchimp mailing list.
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