Brighton Fringe Festival 2020 Brochure Cover Art Competition Submission.
Hand drawn illustration in fine liner pen, further developed using Adobe Illustrator.
Client Brief:
The 2020 theme is ‘Dive In’. Brighton Fringe is all about giving people a platform to make things happen. It is a catalyst, a conduit for every possible kind of creative work to take place. It therefore makes for the largest and most eclectic ‘pool’ of talent in England, in one place, at the same time, and we invite the public to immerse themselves, to dive into what is on offer.
It could even be that you dive into Brighton Fringe and never come out again.
Key objective: 
The design of the Brighton Fringe brochure cover will provide the core branding for the 2020 marketing campaign, and will be translated across all other marketing materials including print and outdoor advertising, social media, online, app and email marketing.
Marketing objectives:
Entertain, engage and excite potential audiences of Brighton Fringe 2020  
Raise awareness of the artistic range of Brighton Fringe
Reflect the high energy, inclusive nature of the Brighton Fringe brand
Some details of the original pen drawing -
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